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the engine timing could be off. Or, the fuel mix is wring. Or, the choke is sticking and the carburetor jets are out of adjustment.

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Q: Your evinrude engine bogs down when accelerating?
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1985 El Camino engine bogs down when accelerating?

I had same problem. I fixed it when I replaced my fuel pump with an inline electric pump & regulator. 4psi worked the best for me.

When you are starting off the engine dies out or bogs down until after about 3400 rmp Why?

It means it takes more gas to get the engine going

When to use overdrive on 93 Nissan Sentra?

if it is an automatic leave it in overdrive. the transmission knows when to change into the overdrive gear. if it is a manual listen to the motor. if you have in overdrive and it bogs down while accelerating then down shift to a lower gear.

Will the transmission cause your 99 ford expedition bog down and sputter when accelerating 4.6liter?

will the transmission causes my 1999 ford expedition to bog down & sputter when accelerating the 4.6liter engine.

Check engine light is on engine bogs down 2002 Chevy trailblazer?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

Why would the engine while accelerating bog down only when the motor is hot?

A damaged catalytic converter could cause that.

1.1 fiesta What causes engine to cut out on full steering lock?

If it's got power steering it's the servo pump that bogs down the engine when the steering is pushing against the stops.

Car stalls when accelerating?

when kick down the gas pedal to accelerate, the car downshift but then stalls and then engine stays rough until i turn off the engine and restart it then the engine runs normal again till the next kick down.

Why does your 05 silverado check engine light come on and from half throtle and up it bogs down until gets rpms up?

That could be a # of things. To know for sure you MUST scan the engine with a engine scanner to find the problem. NO OTHER WAY.

Why does my mercury villager make a loud noise when accelerating that stops when you take your foot off the pedal?

If this is a general noise, it could be the transaxle. When you are accelerating, the engine is pushing the gears, and when you let go of the pedal, the vehicle starts to shift back down. If this is an engine noise, it could be predetonation or a valve problem.

1999 gmc suburban intermittently bogs down when accelerating and then stalls but will restart when cool?

it is possible that it is the ignition coil but im not sure, that's what happened to my 93 1500 silverado and the coil was the problem. it might be an idea to check it but im not sure on newer gm models

Car bogs down. Any ideas?

If it is a manual transmission, then push the accelerator pedal down more when you release the clutch. If it is an automatic transmission, then you probably need to get the transmission serviced. If you think the transmission isn't the problem, then get your engine serviced. To tell which is the problem, put the car in neutral and let it idle. If it is idling on low RPMs (less than 600 for gasoline, 800 for diesel [varies with car engines and age]) then it is the engine. If it bogs down when you take off from a dead stop, then it would probably be the transmission. When a car bogs down, it puts quite a bit of unnecessary wear and tear on the engine, leading to more expensive payments. I would take your car into a mechanic shop and have them look at it. Replace air and fuel filters.