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This is probably an indication that your thermostat is stuck open. Go to a radiator shop and ask them to test it.

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Q: Your car temperature gauge goes to cold when am driving at 40mph or higher?
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My car temperature gauge goes to cold when am driving at 40mph or higher is that my eatercore?

Sounds like it could be a bad thermostat - not closing to allow engine to heat to normal operating temperature

What 3 gauges should be checked often while driving?

Speedometer, fuel gauge, and temperature gauge.

Why is car temperature gauge reading cold whilst you are driving?

at the beginning it will be cold, but it will warm up as you start driving

Where is the outside temperature gauge on a car?

Usually the gauge in on the dashboard with all the other gauges. That way you can read it while driving.

Where should the temperature dash gauge needle be during normal driving on my 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

Below the middle mark. if you have not removed the battery and the needles poped past the stops. this willmove the temp gauge and place it at a higher reading. replace dash to correct this.

What is the normal temperature on the gauge in a 1999 grand Cherokee while driving?

It depends on the setpoint of the thermostat.

Does the temperature gauge on a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo supposed to fluctate?

Yes it can depending on driving conditions.

What causes high urine temperature?

Urine is the same temperature as the body it leaves. If the person has a fever, the urine will be a higher temperature. This is why there is a temperature gauge on the outside of a sample bottle.

Faulty temperature gauge on Chevy truck?

Driving home yesterday my temperature gauge on the 2003 Chevy silverado went all the way to the right as if it was overheating. No overheat light came on. I pulled over and checked everything and nothing was hot and it had water. So it wasn't actually overheating but the temperature gauge was all the way to the right as if it was overheating. After getting home I let the truck sit awhile and restarted it and the gauge didn't reset. What causes this and how can I fix it? Thanks for your time! Also reset it by disconnecting battery it was good for two days after turning key off and on the needle keep going higher and higher. Can you help I changed sending unit no luck now what?

Temperature gauge grounding out on 1999 surburban?

replace temperature gauge

Why is car temperature guage reading cold whilst you are driving?

There are several reasons this could be:There is no coolant in the engine to trigger the temperature gauge, this will cause complete engine failure very quicklyThe gauge, wiring or sender are badThe engine temperature control thermostat has jammed open or it has been removed.

What is wrong with my jeep the temperature gauge raises runs hot after driving and I can smell it?

You may need anew thermostat or the fan has stopped working.