Your car sputters in idle and acceleration?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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take it to a garage there may be something wrong with the fuel delivery system.

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Q: Your car sputters in idle and acceleration?
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1994 Lincoln Town car sputters at idle?

Might be a valve hanging up

What is wrong when your car sputters at idle and when you rev up engine it sputters then kicks in and fuel comes out tailpipe?

need to check your evap system or you have a blown head

When the tps sensor is disconnected from the car in idle what happens?

When the TPS sensor is disconnected from the car in idle, there would be delayed acceleration.

Truck sputters as I come to a stopWhen cruising there isn't an issueFurthermore after coming to a stop idle engine revivesIt only sputters during last few seconds of deceleration?

Your truck engine sputters probably because your truck's idle is too low.

1991 F-150 sputters at idle?

Check for a vacuum leak.

What does your car do when you need a coil pack on a 1996 cavalier 2.4l?

The car will idle rough and hesitate during acceleration.

Why does your 1993 Chevrolet caprice classic sputters during acceleration?

Needs a tune up

Why does 1995 Hyundai elantra sputters and then stalls when idle and when brakes are pushed?

check for vacum leak

What causes a 1993 Ford Festiva to sputter when on acceleration only when going forward and not backward?

If a car sputters when it accelerates there may be a problem with the ignition. Another option is that the timing belt is malfunctioning.

When in first gear your car sputters what does it mean?

Time to get a new car!

Why does Car idles fine but in gear sputters and jerks?

idle set too low, adjust the fuel to air mixture on a carb vehicle.if fuel injected, your injectors may need cleaned.Kadius1964~blog me.

If my idle control valve is bad will my car cut out when i excelerate?

Your idle air control valve should not affect your acceleration. As soon as you step on the gas , the idle part of your engine should not be operating. If your car cuts out or stumbles, i would suspect a problem with the TPS ( throttle position sensor.)