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This usually means that the brake pads are wearing down- you may also notice that she doesn't respond so well to braking either. For safety's sake (your own, your cars', and other motorists & pedestrians) get the brake shoes changed as soon as possible.

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Q: Your car makes a rumble noise when you apply the brake?
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What makes the clicking noise when the 2003 Ford Escape is in park with pressing the brake?

Apply the parking brake,but not the driving brake, is the noise there? apply the brake,if the noise is only present when the brake is applied I would assume it is the anti-lock brake system. Get your VIN # of the vehicle and call a ford dealer and give them the # and ask if there are recalls for your vehicle. There are a few for this one but it depends on the vin. There is a anti-lock brake recall, but as I said it depends on where it was made if it falls under the recall.

When you break your car makes a knocking noise?

warped rotors , brake

Why is your dodge ram 1500 making a thumping noise when driving it but it stops if you apply the brake?

It sounds like wheel bearings. They make a noise while they're in one position but when you hit the brake, it moves them a little, and the noise stops.

What noise does a tractor make?


When you apply the brakes you hear a growling noise from the engine compartment and it can be felt in the brake pedal what is wrong?

if it only does it when you apply the brakes hard it could be the anti-lock brake system depending on the year some have a pump and its noise is what is described. The other possability is front disk brake pads are worn off and and gringing away the rotor.

What is wrong if it makes a loud squealing noise when driving?

either your hand brake has got something wrong with it and is stickingm, so that makes your tires rub against the road which makes a horrible noise!

When mashing brakes makes a hissing noise?

The power brake booster may be going bad.

Gm 1500 2001 pickup loses brake pedal and makes occasional noise pump brake and pedal comes back?

If you are not losing brake fluid I would say the master cylinder is bad. Can you tell what direction the occasional noise is coming from?

What causes a pulsating effect on the brake pedal when I apply the brakes?

pulsating effect The Abs equipped cars do this naturally older cars with abs you will notice it more so than newer models.. If it just started occurring there may be a problem in the braking system. if it feels as if you are going over rumble strips (without the noise) when you brake first suspect would be a warped rotor.

Why does my 2003 Volkswagen Beetle rumble a bit when braking normally?

brake linings may need replacing .that is first place tocheck and check em before the noise gets worse

What does it mean when a car's brakes makes noise while driving?

it means your brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced

What does it mean if a car makes a grinding noise from the wheel?

your brake pads are probley wore out so its grinding on your rotor