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A bike that is a 125 CC has an engine size of 125 cubic centimeters. A 125 CC bike is usually used for off road travel.

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Q: Your bike was 125 CC so what is your engine size?
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What is the best 125 dirt bike?

Yamaha TTR125 is the best dirt bike. I think it’s a good idea for a beginner to use a dirt bike with low engine power. Yamaha TTR is a perfect mid-size beginner bike; it has a 124 CC engine with four strokes.

Meaning of cc of bike?

Cubic Centimeter, denotes the size of an engine.

Does the cubic capacity of a dirt bikes engine have to do with the size of the bike?

The size (height and weight) has nothing to do with the engine size. "cc" is shorthand for cubic centimeter. Displacement measures how many cubic centimeters of the air-fuel mixture moves through one rotation of an engine cycle (each piston moving from top to bottom). For example, if one rotation of the pistons moves 125 cc of the fuel-air mixture through the system, then you have a 125 cc engine.

What is the difference between the different Aprilia RS models?

The model numbers refer to the size of the engine. The RS 50 has a 50 cc engine, the 125 a 125 cc engine. Bigger engines mean bigger bikes.

How fast can a dirt bike go?

it depends on the size liike a 125 is going to go a lot faster then a 70Depends on the CC

How can the CC identify in bikes?

CC can be defined as the power of engine, for example 250 cc bike stand for 250cc is the power of engine for that bike.

What do cc's for a dirt bike mean?

cc stands for cubic centimeters and it is used to measure the size of your engine, similar to car engine and ci- cubic inches

How much cc is travis pastrana bike?

rm 125

How High Is The Seat on 125 cc Bike?

37 inches

Why does cc matter in a dirt bike?

CC refers to the engine displacement or in other words how big the motor is. Larger cc engines produce more power then a low cc engine can. When racing dirt bikes they require the engine size to be near the same size so that everyone has an equal chance in the race. For example: Racing a 125cc bike against a 500cc bike would be a one sided race. The 125cc bike would not have a chance against the power a 500cc bike puts out.

Can you put a Honda 250 CRF piston into a Honda CRF 125 engine?

No, you can't. Because the two engines are not of the same size. The 250 cc engine is bigger than the 125 cc engine, so things will not fit between them.

What does250 cc mean on a dirt bike?

It refers to the size of the inside of the engine cylinders- 250 cubic centimeters. Good sized engine for a dirt bike.

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