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u need to take a chip out of a PC and put it in the computer

change the fuel filter

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Q: Your 1992 Cabriolet almost stalls when you rev the engine almost likes its bogging down but its not carborated. What causes this.?
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What causes engine bogging down when warm on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup?

spark pluggs

What causes bogging down and missing out on start on 2002 Monte Carlo SS?

distributer cap, low octane gas, or spark plugs i would do the distributer cap first.

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i have had my 98 frontier for 3 years and i just recently noticed that it was carborated!!!! kinda weird that a 98 wouldn't be fuel injected haha A 98 frontier is fuel injected

What causes engine bogging under acceleration?

air filters can be a pretty common cause of bogging down. try taking off the air filter and running it some where, only on a sunny day with no dust around or dirt will ruin your engine. if your car runs better then that is the problem. most cars have a MAF (mass air flow sensor) find out if yours has one and unplug it, if your car has one then this could be the issue. locate it and unplug it, it may send off a trouble code light, but if your engine runs better than that was your problem, and you can replace it.

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