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Q: You are a city bus driver You start the morning with an empty bus At your first stop you pick up 8 passengers At your second stop you pick up 4 more and 2 get off At your third stop 6 more get on?
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What do you mean by kerb weight in automobile?

Kerb weight is the mass of the car in running order but empty. It includes all fluids and a full tank of fuel but no driver, passengers luggage or additional load.

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Can you carry passengers with a Mississippi CDL learners permit?

You can drive a taxi or a 15 passenger van. When it comes to a bus designed to transport more than 15 passengers (including the driver), you can't even drive the bus empty - let alone transport passengers - on a learner's permit. You must have the passenger endorsement in order to drive the bus, and you don't get that endorsement until you take the road test in the appropriate class of passenger vehicle - hence, by the time you get the endorsement, you actually have a CDL.

Why empty weight is needed in aircraft?

It's not so much "needed" as it is a physical consequence. The empty weight is the weight of the aircraft itself - without fuel, crew, passengers, cargo or weapons.

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