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You can buy a car out of state in any state in America. However, you must transfer the title and paperwork and license it in your state.

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Q: You are a Massachusetts resident can you buy a car out of state?
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If you are a Texas resident and you buy a car in another state in which state do you pay sales tax?

Texas, the state of your residency

How old do you have to be to buy a car in Massachusetts?

You have to be 16 to buy a car in Massachusetts. You will need to title and insure the car in your name.

Should my student who attends college in NY, but main resident is in Texas, be required to buy car insurance NY?

No. You need to buy auto insurance in the state in which you're legally resident.

If you live in Massachusetts and buy a car in Rhode Island do you have to pay sales tax in both states?

No, Only pay the Massachusetts state that you residance)

Can you register your car in New Hampshire if you own a house there and are a resident of Massachusetts?

yes you can

Can a Texas resident buy a car in California?


What is the sales tax for a car in the state of Massachusetts?

The state sales tax rate in Massachusetts is 6.25%

What do I need to do to register a car in texas from out of state?

For it to happen in your dreams. You must be a resident of the state you're registering your car in.

How do you make your ATV street legal in Massachusetts?

buy a car

Can you buy a car in Massachusetts if you are from Pennsylvania?

You just need a driver's license and money - you can buy a car in any state. It doesn't matter where you live. It's a good idea to have an insurance man you can call when you make a purchase - so he can add the car to your account. Otherwise, you probably have to buy insurance.

How do you buy a car in MA and register in in Fl?

Only if you're a Florida resident.

Do you have to pay Massachusetts state tax if you live in Massachusetts and you have a business in New Hampshire?

You pay taxes in the state where you register the car.