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Depends on your state. Where I am a warning light on is a fail.

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Q: Would your car pass a smog test with the brake lamp on?
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Will a vehicle pass smog if the o2 sensor is out?

No, it will not pass the smog test with a defective or removed O2 sensor.

Will a 2000 Jetta GLS pass a smog check if a catalytic converter goes bad?

the shop I go to said that my 2000 Jetta would not pass the smog check when the catalytic converter went bad.

Does a car pass smog test if the opdomiter is not working?

the opdomiter does not work, will it pass smog? opdomiter, not sure what that is. Please define.

What to do if your car doesn't pass smog?

Get it fixed.

Does a used car purchase from a Texas used car dealer have to pass smog inspection?

Yes that used car should pass smog inspection.

How much would it cost to test smog a 1989 Toyota MR2 in California?

The better question would be how much does it cost to PASS...

Why cant my car pass a smog check?

There could be many reasons why your car will not pass the smog check in your state. The inspection center should have given you a code as to why the car failed.

How do you fake a smog check?

on new cars 1996 and newer you could use 02 foolers or find and friend in the smog check the bad if your car is 1995 or older the have to do what they call a sniffer the put this tube in your tail pipe and it meters the smog coming out the only way to pass that is to put your smog parts back on for the test or find some one that wants a few extra $$ and presto the can pass the car.on a side not i do not stand behind the GOV on smog equipment the cars would run so much better with out it and mpg would go up

Can an auction sell you a car that does not pass smog in Nevada?


1978 Datsun 280Z would not pass smog to rich its 2.00 needs to be 1.98 how to you lower it?

Idle mix or hi speed?

What can make a car not pass a smog check?

The answer to this question is fairly complex. We recommend you visit the link below to find out how to pass the smog check and what might cause your vehicle to fail...

Can you remove a smog pump on a dodge slant six to pass inspection?

The smog pump is designed to help clean the air the exits the exhaust. It might actually be detrimental to remove it if you have to pass emissions testing.