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An open car

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A turn signal

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Q: Would not be an indication of a car getting ready to pull into your lane?
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What song says ready for the world to turn on?

Song title : Ready Artist : Reni Lane

What lane is a lane shared by cars getting on and off the interstate?


What is a declaration lane?

getting off the road

Bowling Who would be the person that has the right of way to complete their shot if two individuals are ready to bowl at the same time?

Normal lane courtesy is the player on the right has the right-of-way.

Which lane is used when you turn left from a 2 lane street to a one way 4 lane street?

Normally you would turn into the lane nearest you.

Who is at the fault when the car from the inside lane go right and hit the car in the outside lane going straight?

With only the information available, it would seem apparent that the car which was originally in the inside lane would be at fault. Vehicles already in a lane of travel have the right-of-way within that lane, and any traffic wishing to merge into that lane is required to yield to traffic already in that lane.

On two lane roadways the passing lane is?

The passing lane is on your left after you are sure no one is coming.

Do you turn into the left lane when turning left?

Yes, always take the nearest lane. Someone turning right or a pedestrian can jump out. Change lanes if needed after the turn. It's both safer & the law. Most importantly, other drivers will assume you are taking the near lane & jump into the other one.

What is the fine for accidentally getting on the diamond lane in California?

Unauthorized travel in that lane is illegal and the fine is $490. You also earn a DMV point. It can result in higher insurance rates.

What was the Addams Family's Address?

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What are the advantages or disadvantages of riding motorcycle at the motorcycle lane?

One disadvantage is that cars and trucks use the motorcycle lane for passing other cars. A theoretical advantage would be that you would not need to compete with cages in a designated motorcycle lane.

Where will you find a crawler lane on a motorway?

Unfamiliar with the term "crawler" lane. However it seems to refer to either the "slow" lane which (in the US) would be the travelled lane farthest to the right, or perhaps it referring to the "breakdown" lane which is usually a reference to shoulder (non-travelled) portion of the roadway.