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Accurate or precise are one and the same to which the automotive speedometer would never be.

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Q: Would it be more important for your car speedometer to be accurate or precise?
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Which measurement is more precise 57 57.2 57.21 or 57.213?

The word accurate is a synonym for precise. So the most accurate (or precise) answer would be 57.213 because it is more accurate if the number is not rounded.

How do you keep your measurements consistent even if you are not precise or accurate?

You could do it by saying that all your measurements were 10 centimetres - irrespective of what they actually were. That would be neither precise nor accurate but it sure would be consistent!

What Instruments would give the scientist the most precise and accurate measurement?


The markings on your 50mL beaker and 50mL Erlenmeyer flask would be accurate enough to use for precise measurement of volumes?

Yes, the markings on your 50 mL beaker would be accurate enough to use for precise meansurement of volumes. The markings on a 50 mL Erlenmeyer flask would also be accurate enough.

Is millimeter precise than decimeter?

Millimetres would allow for more precision than decimetre. If you can measure a smaller quantity, this always allows you to be more precise and accurate.

What does accurate mean in science?

Accurate in science means definite, precise of absolute. Accuracy in science is very critical as without it most experiments would be impossible.

What is the antonym of innaccurate?

The word inaccurate means not accurate or imprecise. Some antonyms for the word inaccurate would be correct, right, factual, precise, true and accurate.

To determine the most accurate and precise age of Earths oldest rocks geologists would use?

The uranium-lead method

What is the differnace between precision and accuray?

Precisoin is how consistent you are to hitting a target, for instance if you were shooting free throws, and you always hit the front of the rim that would be precise but NOT accurate. And accuracy is both precision and accuracy. So instead of being precise by hitting the front of the rim, you would make the shot by being accurate.

Why would it be important for your lab results to be both accurate and precise?

A group of precise measurements are a group of repetitive measurements that are very close together. Ie the standard deviation between the measurements is small. Not to be confused with a accurate measurement! Think about it like this, if you measure a piece of wood 5 times and each time you get an identical answer then the measurement are said to be precise. If however if turns out that despite measuring the length 5 times and getting the same answer you discover that the length is significantly off from the "true" answer, then you were inaccurate!

How accurate is a Police Cruiser's speedometer?

Police speed guns in England are caliberated before they are used in speed tests on the road and when they complete their tests, how I don't know, but I would presume by testing it on their own vehicles?? I would say they are pretty much accurate.

Why would an accurate calendar be important to a farming people?

Because they defeat them

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