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85 Cents per gallon is cheaper, which is a rate of about 22.43 cents per liter.

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Q: Would it be cheaper to buy gas at 25 cents per liter or 85 cents per gallon?
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Would it be cheaper to buy gasoline at 25 cents per liter or 85 cents per gallon?

per gallon is cheaper than 1 liter. 1 gallon = 3.785 liters so 1 gallon is .85 and 3.785 liters is .956.

At 92.4 cents per liter what is the price per gallon?

92.4 cents per liter = about $3.50 per gallon.

If a gallon of gasoline cost 1.25 how much would a liter cost?

$1.25 per US gallon equates to about 33 cents per liter.

95.4 cents per liter what is the cost on a per gallon basis?

95.4 (U.S. cents per liter) = about $3.61 dollars per US gallon.

Which is better 2 dollars a gallon or 66 cents a liter?

$2.00 a gallon = 52.8¢ a liter 66¢ a liter = $2.50 a gallon 66¢ a liter is better for the dealer. $2.00 a gallon is better for the customer.

If a gallon of gas is 1.75 per gallon what does a liter cost?

$1.75 dollars per US gallon = about 46.2 cents per liter.

90.1 cents per liter is how much per gallon?

About $3.41 per gallon.

How much does gas cost in Ireland?

Gas here is on average about �1.25 per liter which is about $1.69 per liter or �4.72 per gallon/$6.40. Diesel is generally a few cents cheaper.

What is 318 per gallon converted in to liters?

$3.18 per gallon is about 84 cents per liter.

Convert liter price to price per gallon?

Conversion: US cents per liter x 0.03785 = US dollars per gallon

If gas costs 2.50 per gallon what should a liter of gas cost?

At $2.50 per US gallon, a liter will cost about 66 cents.

How do you convert cents per gallon into dollar per liter?

x cents/gallon * 1 gal/3.78 L * $1 /100 cents = $x / 378 L Divide cents per gallon by 378 to get dollars per litre.