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Im sure a right and wrong party can be identified. But is it really worth it? If damages are so minimum and you and the other party can agree to take care of your own damages, then I say its a good idea.

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Q: Would each party pay their own damages if the damages are minor in a parking lot accident?
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If an unlicensed uninsured minor driving a car with the owners permission has a parking lot accident is the owner liable or the minors parent?

The insurance company is not liable for paying damages. The minor was knowingly breaking the law by driving w/o a license. The parent of the child will be held liable for damages. As will the person/owner of the vehicle if they knew the minor was not a legally licensed driver. If you let an un liscensed/uninsured minor driver your vehicle, your asking for it. If you werent the parent of the minor, they could sue you as well for neglect.

What happens if you have a minor car accident and you have no insurance?

You pay for all damages if you were at fault, and get a citation and fine for not having insurance.

What are those sufffering an accident called?

A victim is someone that has suffered from an accident. Whether the injuries were serious or minor, the person that did not cause the accident is often entitled to damages and funds for pain and suffering.

Who is responsible for damages to an automobile if a minor takes parents car without permission and gets into accident by hitting another car and causing 2000 dollars in damages?


If a minor is uninsured under her parents auto policy and is involved in an auto accident will it be covered under her parent's policy?

Actually, I think her parents are responsible for any damages because she a minor, so the parents the ones who will be sued or have to pay for any damages of the minor child.

Who pays for damage of car if unlicensed minor is in an accident?

The owner of the car and their insurance company are responsible for paying for the damages as a result of the accident. To avoid this problem, you can start hiding your keys.

What happens if you have car insurance and you have an accident?

You call your insurance company and report it. if the accident is your fault, with very minor damage, you would be better off paying for the damages yourself, rather than telling your insurance company and having your rates go up.

What is typical amount for auto accident settlement with minor injury?

The amount typical is commensurate to the actual damages and accompanying losses incurred by the claimant.

What is minor accident?

A fender bender is a minor accident.

What happens when someone claims you hit him as you are exiting a parking lot and you are uninsured California?

They can sue you to have you pay for the damages, but they'd have to have proof or witnesses that you really did hit them. Either way, take it as a warning and get insurance. It wouldn't be fair if you were to cause an accident, even a minor one, and not being able to pay compensation to the ones involved.

How long after a minor accident does the other party have to claim before?

You have 1 Year after a minor accident to have a claim

Can someone with liability only on a company vehicle involved in a minor accident driving to their home file a claim?

What would you file a claim for? The vehicle is not yours and it's a minor accident with no injuries, so you have no loss.