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No they wouldn't. You need deep groove tires for mud

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Q: Would a car's tires have good traction in deep mud?
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Why are the tires of a tractor is so wide?

The short answer is 'grip and traction'... sometimes they operate in deep mud, and must be able to get themselves out.

What would be an example of a helpful decrease in friction?

Deep tread added to snow tires.

What tires are good for snow?

Winter tires are best for driving in snow, with features like deep treads and softer rubber compounds for better traction and grip in cold conditions. Some popular winter tire brands are Michelin, Bridgestone, and Goodyear. It's important to switch back to all-season or summer tires once winter is over for optimal performance and longevity.

What type exercise fof patient on traction skeletel?

For a patient on skeletal traction, exercises should focus on maintaining range of motion and strengthening muscles that are not involved in the traction device. This may include gentle range of motion exercises for the unaffected joints, isometric exercises for the muscles of the upper body, and breathing exercises to prevent respiratory complications. It is important to consult with a physical therapist or healthcare provider for a personalized exercise plan.

Are studded tires safer than snow tires?

Studded tires will benefit you greatly on ice and sometimes in very hard-packed snow. Loose and/or deep snow, wet or dry pavement however studs will actually give you Less traction than snow tires. Interpret this answer as you see fit, but given that you rarely have pure ice on the roads for any length of time, I see studs as dangerous, expensive, and unnecessary. Also, check your local laws, in most parts of the country they are illegal to use because they tear up the roads faster.

Where can I find discount motorcycle tires?

Tires are available at discounted prices all the time and anywhere. There are companies and shops that specialize in discount tires; pl try some of these links:;;;; I would suggest looking at Craig's List for discount motorcycle tires. Many times there will be gently or slightly used tires available for sale and deep discounts.

How are snow winter tires different from summer tires?

Winter tires have a deep and differing grip pattern on then which is designed to push snow and slush awy from beneath them. Summer tires are more designed for basic wet and warm conditions

What is a 4 Car Tandem garage mean?

Tandem would be one in front of the other. I have a four car garage it is 24X60. Two cars wide (24ft) by 2 cars deep (60ft).

Will 33 inch tires fit on a stock 1992 ford f-150?

I would say NO ( I believe the stock tire size was 235/75/R15 which would be just a fraction over 29 inches ) ya 33inch tires will fit the truck just won't turn as deep

At high speeds a car can increase traction on water as little as one half inch deep true or false?


My tires were in a house fire and exposed to heat and smoke. They now have deep cracks around the edges and I cannot remember them being there before. Would the heat and smoke have caused them?

Yes. If the tires were not exposed to temperatures in excess of 140 degrees, consider spraying them with toluene as a temporary repair. Otherwise, or if you don't want to die: replace the tires.

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Counting Cars - 2012 Deep Trouble 1-5 was released on: USA: 28 August 2012