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yes but if it is a blown head gasket it will make it miss and put steam and some water out the tell pipe if its not doing these things then check your anti knock sensor

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Q: Would a blown head gasket make a motor knock?
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Can a car still start with a blown head gasket or motor?

Sure it will start with a blown head gasket. But, if you continue to run this engine with a blown head gasket you will destroy the engine.

What causes water in motor oil in a boat motor?

Cracked block or blown head gasket.

Why would a Ford 390 blow white steam and water from one side of the dual exhaust?

You possibley have a blown head gasket on the side that is blowing water and steam. 390 s are good solid blocks pull the head on that side and check carefuly to see if you can spot the bypassed gasket. If not a gasket a good idea to have the heads checked for cracks then the engine. Small steps. could be a blown head gasket on that side, or a bad intake gasket. The side you see white smoke from has a head gasket or cracked head problem. If sparkplug has water or rust on it you have located the cyl of question. Is it the Intake manifold or head gasket. Water runing into intake valve would be noticeable when you pull the intake manifold. You might hear knock when motor is hot, that would indicate steam knock from blown head gasket. Piston in question would be steam clean from antifreeze hard blast on ignition................. ........ do a compression test, a week cylinder could indicate not only a blown head gasket but also tell you what cylinder.

How do you know if the water you have in your oil on your 91 Chevrolet 1500 is from a blown head gasket or another source?

If the motor will start and idle- let it warm up then carefully remove the radiator cap while the motor idles, if you see small bubbles coming to the surface in the radiator it is a blown head gasket. Replace gasket promptly it can do damage to the motor.

What would cause motor oil to leak into antifreeze reservoir bottle for a 1998 aurora?

Cracked head or a blown head gasket. good luck.

What causes abnormal motor oil levels in vehicle?

Coolant mixing with the oil from a blown head gasket.

Why does motor oil goes in your radiator ford 5.4?

The most typical reason is a blown head gasket(s).

Front of motor leakes coolant?

If the front of the engine leaks coolant there is a blown head gasket. This requires immediate repair as it can lead to a blown engine if not managed appropriately.

Would a bad torque converter cause the motor to knock?

No, it will not cause the engine to knock.

Can you drive a car very long with a blow head gasket?

No. Driving the car with a blown head gasket will cause the motor to fail completely. Get the car towed to a mechanic as soon as possible.

What does it mean when you have motor oil leaking into your coolant in a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

Either a blown head gasket or a cracked block possibly

Why is your motor leaking coolant into the base oil even when not running?

More than likely a blown head gasket or a cracked head.