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Q: Will you pass inspection without a muffler?
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Can your car pass emission inspection with a hole in the muffler in new york?


Can you ride a dirt bike in town in Iowa?

It has to have street/dirt tires, signals, muffler and pass inspection. It also need to be registered and have a plate.

Can your pass inspection without air bags in pa?


Can a dealership sell a car without it being able to pass inspection?

no it cant

How big can a crack in a windshield be to pass inspection?

You can not have a crack in your windshield to pass inspection

Can your car pass inspection with your airbag light on in pa?

In pa it will pass an inspection

How much can i get for your catalytic converter?

Nothing. I need it for my car. Would not pass safety inspection without it.

How can you make the exhaust sound deeper at home without buying anything?

Punch a hole in the muffler. (May cause you to fail a safety/emissions inspection) Ha ha.

Is it legal in the state of Texas to drive a car with no muffler?

You will get a citation for excessive noise. Maybe even for failure to comply with vehicle safety standards related to the safety and emissions inspection which your vehicle has to pass.

Do you have to have a passenger side mirror to pass nc inspection?

Yup! Just failed mine without one...

Merchandise that does not pass factory inspection is considered what?

inspection merchandise

Can you run a straight pipe on a diesel engine in the state of Texas?

To pass a state inspection you must have muffler and cat if equiped from fractory some places dont look but the state is getting a little tuffer

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