Will wheels from a kx85 fit on an rm85?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes, they will, but just make sure they are the same wheel size.

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Q: Will wheels from a kx85 fit on an rm85?
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How tall do you have to be to fit a kx85?

About 30inches or higher

Which is better cr85 or yz85?

definatly a yz 85 cause they have way more power that any other bike like a kx85,rm85,and cr85 i have a yz85 very fast a has a very smooth ride and really loud with a 2 stroke pipe

Which is faster kx85 or klx140?

kx85 by alot

Can you change a rm85 small wheel to a big wheel rm85L?

yes but u will need a new swingarm,wheels,tires,rear brake line,and a sprocket

Do 17 wheels fit a corsa?

NO! 17 wheels do NOT fit a corsa

How fast does a 2001 kx85 go?

A kx85 gose about 70 75

Are wheels with teeth that fit together?

Gears are wheels with teeth that fit together.

Which goes faster rm85 or crf150r?

yeh mate a rm85 would eat up the 150r anyday but they are the same top speed so i would go the rm85 good reliable bike

Can Corvette wheels fit an El Camino?

The corvette style wheels will fit on any elcamino if they are older style rally wheels.

Cr85 v kx85?

Cr85 is the faster and stronger bike. The Kx85 is a little smaller and not as strong.

Is a cr85 faster than a kx85?

Yes, a stock CR85 is faster than a stock KX85.

What is faster kx85 or kx80?

The kx85 is the newer of the two as the kx80 is no longer made. Apart from the extra few cc's you also have to take into account that many other things have advanced over the years making the kx85 the superior bike. Even the models of kx85 have improved over the years so a model that is several years old will not be as fast as a new kx85. Rider ability also have to be taken into account but the kx85 is the superior bike.