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If the cart is rolling downhill it will roll faster with mass, but on level ground or uphill it will roll faster without mass.

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Q: Will the cart roll faster with or without mass?
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How fast do balls roll?

the speed of a ball all deends on how fast you roll it, what its mass is, and the incline.The faster you roll it, the steeper the incline is, and the greater the mass will all make it faster

Why do some objects roll down faster than other objects?

The mass and the trajectory of the object affect the speed at which the object will roll.

Will a ball with less or heavier mass go further?

Normally, a ball with more mass would roll faster down a hill, but, it will go slower when kicked or rolled.

How far different size ball will roll if they are let go at the same spot on a hill?

If two round objects roll down a hill, the one with the greater mass will roll faster. If they are dropped they will fall at the same rate.

What could you do to determine whether a softball will roll down a hill faster than a basketball?

a softball becaues it has lest mass than a basketball

How does the mass of a toy car affect how far it will roll before stopping when it rolls down atrack at an incline?

When things are heavier they fall faster. The faster something goes the longer it takes to stop.

The heavier a ball is the faster it fall and the faster it will roll down a ramp?

Yes, that is true because of kinetic energy, If something is heavy and you roll it down fast, then kinetic energy builds up.All other things being equal the mass of the ball has no effect on its acceleration. A fact discovered by Galileo.

What are the five ways of travel in gymnastics?

1. Forward Roll 2. Backward Roll 3. Teddy Bear Roll 4. Cat Leap 5. Cart Wheel

What type of energy does a cart have before it starts to roll down a ramp?

It has Potential energy.

Mariela used 45 N of force to stop a cart that was about to roll into Jamilett. It took Mariela 12 seconds to do so. What was the impulse acting on the cart?


If an initially stationary cart rolls down an incline with a measured acceleration of 2.7meters over seconds squared how far does the cart roll in 3point1 seconds?

.281 meters

Does a small or a large ball travel faster in wind?

Well it all depends on what types really, if they are both of the same, then the big one will roll faster. Lets say for example, you had a big kick ball and a little kick ball, the big will roll faster in the wind. Sorry about the second post, but i almost forgot, it also depends on how big the ball is, because if it's MUCH larger then it will not roll faster, and if it too small, it will hardly roll as well. So as long they are close in size the big one will roll/travel faster