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Depends how old. A few months, no problem. A few years, there can be a problem.

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Q: Will old gasoline in automobile cause problems?
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Gasoline is old after a month. Especially gasoline which contains ethanol. Ethanol looses its octane rating much faster than petroleum.

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Will old gasoline harm a snow blower? No more than it will harm any other gasoline engine. Gasoline has a number of different vaporizations fluids. Some higher than others. If the gasoline is very old, all the higher vaporization point fluids may have evaporated. Then you may have trouble starting. Another question for you to consider is: How old is old? If the gasoline is only a month old or even several months old probably no problem. But, if it is six months or over????? How much do you have? Even at $3.00/ gallon why take a chance. If you really want to use it, start the blower and after it is running well, add some that has been mixed with new gasoline. That way you can use it and not have any troubles.

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