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No, cause the heavily loaded trucks use more power than the empty trucks. I see you have the same homework assignment as me...

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Q: Will empty trucks use the same amount of gas as heavily loaded trucks?
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How do flatbed trucks handle in the snow?

When they're empty, they can be a nuisance. Loaded, more of less like any other truck.

When is a truck most likely to jackknife loaded over loaded or empty?


Average cost per mile to operate a truck and horse trailer?

This depends on several factors. How big the truck and trailer are. How old is the truck. New trucks are more energy efficiant. Is the trailer loaded or empty. If loaded how many horses are being trailered. Newer trucks pulling trailers get about 17 to 22 miles per gallon.

What does 18 trucks weigh?

Most empty tractors with trailer(48-53ft) weigh around 32-33,000 lbs. They are limited to 80,000 lbs. loaded, unless they have special permits.

Why does loaded truck start more slowly than an empty truck?

becoz loaded truck has got more weight than the empty becoz of which loaded truck has got more friction in tyres compared to empty truck...this may the reason why loaded truck starts slow than the empty truck

Are vacuum trucks used to empty septic systems?

Yes, vacuum trucks are used to empty septic systems. A company that cleans septic tanks most likely has vacuum trucks.

Why is it harder to get loaded wheelbarrow moving than it is for an empty one?

You need more force to push it. The loaded one has more mass than the empty one.

Does a cart loaded with groceries have more inertia because it has more mass than an empty cart?

True. Mass is the only way to measure inertia. more mass = more inertiaYes, a cart loaded with groceries has more inertia because it has more mass than the empty cart. The inertia of any object is determined by the amount of its mass.Truetrue

How much do a coca cola truck weigh?

2856kg fully loaded or... 1800kg un-loaded or empty

What is the weight of a pistol?

2.5 lbs empty 3 lbs loaded

Can semis drive on the highway with empty trailers?

Of course. Empty miles are referred to as "deadhead", and are particularly undesirable for owner operators who get paid by the loaded mile, whereas a company driver or company lease operator gets paid by the mile, whether loaded or empty.

What is the weight of a 45 pistol?

2.5 lbs empty 3 lbs loaded