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It shouldn't make a noise unless the holding bracket is busd.

If the catalylist inside is broken, it will rattle.

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Q: Will catalytic converters make a rattle noise?
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Is it common for a catalytic converter to make a clicking sound?

Sometimes the heat shields around the outside of the converter break loose or rust out and causes a rattle noise.

Do catalytic converters rattle when going bad?

Yes, that is a sign of a bad converter. Just make sure it is the converter that is rattling and not the heat shield located above the converter which are notorious for rattling on older vehicles.

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Do aftermarket catalytic converters have a warranty?

Yes, but make sure you get an OEM type converter and not a universal converter.

Would hollow catalytic converters make your 2004 chevy silverado run poorly?


How can you make catalytic converters work when they are cold?

It's not up to you, when to "make the catalytic converter to work"!... The catalytic converter will provide the chemical reaction alone only @ 400 > degree, no options! See/Google "how it works" and that will help you understand how and why!

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What are the catalytic converter prices?

Catalytic converters are used to control emissions from your car. Prices will vary depending on the year, model and make of your car. The following website may help

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What car holds more grams of platinum in catalytic converter?

Normally, the car make and model have nothing to do with it. All catalytic converters have varying platinum concentrations. The bigger the cat,m the more precious metal.