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Yes it will pass

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Q: Will car pass inspection in MN if side airbag on the seat is showing and the curtain air bag was deployed but tucked in?
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How fast does a airbag travel when it is deployed?

An airbag travels 200 miles per hour when it is deployed. The process of an accident being sensed and the airbag being deployed takes one twenty fifth of a second.

Will you pass NJ inspection with an airbag light on?

You will not pass inspection in NJ with an airbag light ON. If you owned the car when the light came ON and your airbags have not previously deployed, this could be a sensor or wiring problem. If you need new Airbags, the repair could be as much as $1000. Most mechanics will charge 1 hour labor for diagnostics.

Is it required by law to replace deployed airbag?


Why does the airbag warning light on the Camry come on after an accident when the airbags were not deployed?

Its a warning showing the airbags are at risk of deploying. The light is on because the computer has detected a malfunction.

How do you reset the airbag system after its deployed?

It is not reset, it is replaced.

How can you tell if the airbag on your BMW has been deployed in the past?

if you do not see or feel anything that could be an airbag.

Will airbag light on pass the safety inspection in Texas?

No, if you air bag light is on or showing an error in Texas your car will not pass inspection. In some cases the light comes on for no reason and just needs to be reset.

Does your airbag need to work to pass inspection?

I wouldn't want an airbag in my car that doesn't work, let alone pass inspection.

How do you reset the airbag on a 2001 dodge grand caravan sport?

The airbag can not be reset and must be replaced if it has deployed.

Can your car pass inspection with your airbag light on in pa?

In pa it will pass an inspection

Will a car still be drivable after the airbag deploys?

you cannot drive the car if the airbag is deployed, its pretty expensive to have them fixed

Can you repack the same airbag after it has been deployed in a 2007 Jeep Cherokee?