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Q: Will airbags deploy in a collision that occurs from an angle?
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Is it true that airbags will deploy in a head on collision but not in a collision from an angle?


Will airbags deploy no matter from what angle your car is hit?


Will the Airbags will deploy no matter from what angle your car is hit?


Are all collisions effective?

no certainly not, the collision is effective is the collision occur with adequate energy and at proper angle ( also known as collision theory).

What is the angle of reflection 20 degrees from the surface?

The key is to recognize that "the angle of INCIDENCE is equal to the angle of REFLECTION", for an 'Elastic' collision. So the answer is 20 degrees.

What name is given to the angle where total internal reflection occurs?

Total internal reflection occurs when the angle of incidence with respect to the normal at the boundary to a less dense medium exceeds the critical angle.

Speed air bag deploy on a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer?

The front sensors must detect a full frontal crash. If it is a bit off center angle there is a possibility that they may not deploy as the energy required to cause deployment is dissipated .

What is fault inception angle?

It the angle between fault current and voltage at the point where the fault occurs.

How common is acute angle glaucoma?

Acute angle glaucoma occurs in one in 1,000 individuals

Relation between relaxation time and mean collision time?

Relaxation time= mean collision time/(1-) where A is the average angle of scattering that the electron makes with its initial direction

What occurs when light passes from one medium to a less optically dense medium at an angle so great that there is no refracted ray?

It is always refracted, but at an angle so that it goes back into the original medium. This phenomenon is called Total Internal Reflection. The angle that this occurs at is called the critical angle.

What tajes place when the angle of incidence is smaller than the critical angle?

Refraction and partial internal reflection occurs