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No, although aerodynamically speaking it is the best shape for the car, the aerodynamics playing a role on such a small object travelling at such low velocities doesn't really matter. The key factor is the weight in this case. a teardrop design will put the majority of the vehicles weight up front, when you want as much as possible in the farthest back position on a standard track. Hope this helps in your design.

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Q: Will a teardrop shaped pinewood derby car be fast?
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What paints can used for pinewood derby?

Fast drying acrylics are best.

How do you make fast pinewood derby cars?

Go to Google and do a search on the words "Pinewood Bible". One of the first hits is a PDF file called the "Pinewood Bible" that was written in 2002. Even though the article is 10 years old, it goes over in detail the basic points of making a fast Pinewood Derby car.

How big is average pinewood derby stop stick?

If you are referring to the stop section on a Pinewood Derby track, the average length is about 4 feet; however, if you are good at making fast Pinewood Derby cars, it will take nearly double this length to safely stop your car. Because of this most Pinewood Derby races place a pillow or a jacket at the end of the stop section to abruptly stop those cars that over shoot the stop sections.

How do you make a pinewood derby car go fast?

There is no one trick to making a Pinewood Derby car go fast. It is a combination of several different things that you do that make the car go faster. The four most important things to improving the speed of you car are weight placement, axle polishing, wheel roundness, and axle/wheel alignment. Remember that friction is the enemy of Pinewood Derby cars. I could easily write a book on all the procedures you need to go through in order to make your car go faster, but luckily others have done this for me. My recommendation would be to go to Google and do a search on the words "Pinewood Bible". One of the first hits is a PDF file called the "Pinewood Bible" that was written in 2002. Even though the article is many years old, it covers in detail the basic points of making a Pinewood Derby car go fast. Once you've built a few cars and raced them you can begin to refine you techniques into what you feel works and what does not. Then become a member of one of the many Pinewood Derby forums that are out there (Derby Talk is a good place to start) and learn the finer points to tweaking every last bit energy out of your designs. This is the best track to follow for becoming a Master Pinehead like myself.

Which organization encourages boys to build their own pinewood derby car?

Building a pinewood derby car together can be a fun parent-child activity. Sites like the Boy Scouts of America offer a variety of templates and Scout Movement (WOSM) or other Scouting and Guiding Organizations. To help better answer your question, there are no organizations that encourage boys to "build their own" Pinewood Derby Car. The entire purpose of the Pinewood Derby activity is to help foster a relationship between a child and an adult. It's all about working to create something together that the adult/child "team" can be proud of. Although the racing of the cars is fun, it is actually irrelevant to the actual purpose. Pinewood Derby helps teach kids about what life is actually like. Not everyone can be a winner, but it doesn't mean you give up and you continue each year to strive for success. This is probably one of the hardest morals to teach in the Cub Scout environment. So, the question becomes, "how do we make Pinewood Derby a more pleasant experience for all involved?" The answer is to help level the playing field without restricting the adult/child team from "doing their best". Good rules (not the ones out of the box) are essential so that everyone understands what needs to be accomplished. Ample time to complete the project must be given and knowledge of making fast Pinewood Derby cars must be presented. A workshop should be devised so that everyone has equal access to proper wood working equipment. These actions are the responsibility of the organization. Any organization that hosts a Pinewood Derby without these actions are letting their members down. It is not enough now-a-days to just hand out kits and say "see you all on race day". More has to be done by the organization to see to it that everything is done within a fair environment. If everything is done right, losing a Pinewood Derby will only be by fractions of an inch, which is much easier for kids and adults to except, instead of being beaten by several feet. For more on this, check put some local Pinewood Derby forums.

What would be the fasted car shape for a pinewood derby car?

Wedge shaped is simple and can be fast, but the fastest shape is usually a flat wing design. Keep in mind that the less wood weight you have, the faster you can make the car go. This is because the less wood weight you have, the more control weight you can add to the car to bring it up to it's maximum weight limit. It's all about where you place the control weight that gives you the maximum energy potential.

What is the fastest time for a pine car?

17.45 mph If that is true, that is extremely fast. If you were to take a radar gun to a Pinewood Derby and clock the cars as they ran down the track, you'd find that most cars will obtain speeds from 7 to 9 mph. So if you are getting more than that, you are breaking all records. Also keep in mind that some Derby Race programs show higher mph because they scale the speed to how fast it would go if it was an actual full size car.

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What makes a fast derby car?

CArs that have wheels fast engines and go vroom vroom

How fast do the home run derby pitchers throw?

80 mph.

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