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That will cause you to fail an emissions inspection. Anything which triggers the CEL will, because everything which triggers it will adversely impact the emissions system on that vehicle.

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Q: Will a knock sensor code fail a nys inspection?
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Will the knock sensor cause A car to fail a smog test?

Yes. Any faulty emissions control sensor, including knock sensors, will result in an automatic fail of any emissions control test, period. It doesn't even matter if your vehicle's actual exhaust emissions are within acceptable limits. In most cases, once it is determined that a sensor is bad, the test is ended immediately, and considered failed.

What does fuel fail 17 mean on a Jaguar?

It is the code for the TPS Throttle position sensor

1997 Mazda 626 P1131?

P1131 code does not show up in the book. There is a code for P0131 which is the heated 02 sensor or circuit fail.

Can your vehicle fail inspection from a leaking strut?


How would a output speed sensor cause a Nissan Altima to fail an inspection?

I think that depends if you have a check engine light on because of it. If the speed sensor is not working properly, the engine will not use gasoline as efficiently so there may be an emission problem

What are the release dates for Family Renovation - 2008 Inspection Pass or Fail?

Family Renovation - 2008 Inspection Pass or Fail was released on: USA: 12 November 2009

What happens if car does not pass inspection?

You repair whatever caused it to fail inspection and retest it after the repair is made.

What does VCM code fuel 44 fail 44 mean on 1993 jaguar xj6?

In 1990-1994 XJ6 the VCM Code 44 is the code for the O2 sensor, either rich or lean exhaust has been detected and is causing the code to trigger. It could indicate a bad O2 sensor.

2006 Mazda6 S has a bad knock sensor and shifts to 3rd from park then won't shift when driving even in manual override so what could cause the problem?

Well, you answered it yourself. Your Knock Sensor has gone bad. I bet your check engine light comes on too. When your check engine light comes on and your transmission is all screwy that means your car is in fail safe mode. Not allowing you to shift into higher gears. Get the knock sensor replaced and re calibrated and your fine.

Will your car pass Va inspection with the check engine light on?

Yes. Va will pass your car with a check engine light. The inspection station will try to get you to figure out what is wrong with you car but they will not fail it. However, If your SRS light is on, the car will fail the inspection.

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