Will a house subwoofer work in a car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, A house Sub Woofer will work in a car {if you park in the living room} lol. just kidding.

However there is really no such thing as a "house sub-woofer". A sub-woofer is a sub-woofer rather you put it on a stage in front of a gazillion people or on a submarine beneath the polar ice cap it doesn't matter. Its a speaker and it has two ratings that determine how it must be powered to operate efficiently.

Watts (voltage) and Ohms (resistance). Make sure that the speaker is rated to the amplifier that powers it. Generally Mobile audio systems operate with 4 ohms resistance and home audio operates at 8 ohms resistance but that rule applies seldom or never when using a sub-woofer or any type of exterior amplifier or crossover or pre-amp or filter or anything at all outside of two speakers one amp. So always check the max. watt output of your amp and make certain it does not exceed the max. watts rating of the speaker and the ohms rating of the speaker should never be lower than the ohms rating of the amp. For optimum sound performance the ohms rating and watts of the amplifier should match the speaker in any audio application.

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Q: Will a house subwoofer work in a car?
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Can you use a mackie subwoofer in a car?

Any subwoofer can work in any car as long as you make the necessary adjustments and modifications to get power and audio cables from the speaker to the deck.

If you have a home theater subwoofer will it work in your car too?

Yes but it wont sound right.

What does an amplifier do for a subwoofer?

An amplifier will power your subwoofer so they can work.

What is the best size of subwoofer for my car i have 6 channels amplifier?

It depends on your car, but for a large car you can get a proper subwoofer with a wooden casing for less vibration.

Why does your car stall after installing a subwoofer?

your car should not stall after installing a subwoofer. your problem might be the fact that your amp and your subwoofer(s) could be using too much of your cars electricity.

What is the best subwoofer for a car?


What is the function of a subwoofer?

a Subwoofer is a speaker that can either be in a Home or a Car. the Subwoofer's purpose is to emit low frequencies that other speaker types cannot.

Which subwoofer is best for a small car?

A small 10" subwoofer would give enough bass to fit a small car and leave enough room.

What is the most powerful car subwoofer?

Eminent Tech TRW 17 is the worlds most powerful subwoofer.

Is the Legacy Car Audio LBF127 enclosure designed to work in a truck bed?

It can work great in a truck bed as long as the subwoofer itself is strapped down.

Can an external source of music, such as a iPod, damage my car subwoofers?

An Ipod should work safely with any sort of subwoofer setup.

Is a subwoofer an amplifier?

no, a subwoofer is not a amplifier a subwoofer is actually a speaker that is made for bass. an amplifier is what helps the subwoofer work and sound properly when you install a audio system in your automobile or home.