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A fuel rail pressure regulator could cause trouble.

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Q: Will a faulty fuel rail pressure sensor regulater cause stalling?
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Can a faulty MAP sensor cause stalling?

The MAP sensor - another frequent cause of stalling or non-starting. This measures the air pressure in the manifold. You can test it - if your car won't start, just unplug the electrical connection from the MAP sensor. If it starts, replace the sensor. MAP sensor details. (It may act as though the fuel pump is not working properly - starting, then quickly dying).

The steps for troubleshooting a faulty caterpillar 3176 oil pressure sensor?

You can troubleshoot a faulty Caterpillar 3176 oil pressure sensor by replacing it with a new sensor. The new sensor should give you an accurate oil pressure reading.

Can a Faulty Camshaft sensor on a 3.5L Chrysler 300M cause my stalling problem when the engine is hot?

Yes, that is one of many possibilities.

Newly built 24 valve cummins motor only 18 pounds oil pressure why?

Faulty gauge, faulty sensor, faulty overhaul.

What causes low oil pressure?

Faulty sensor, low oil level, thin oil, plugged filter, worn bearings, worn pump,...........ANS 2 - A faulty sensor can not cause low oil pressure.

Will faulty oil pressure sensor harm engine?

No, a defective oil pressure sensor will not harm the engine as long as the oil pressure is what it should be. However, how do you know what the pressure is if the sensor is bad. Replace the sensor so that you can receive a warning if the oil pressure drops below what is optimum.

What are the symptoms of an ICP sensor problem?

Rough idle, low injector pressure Sputtering stalling. lack of power

What are the symptoms of a faulty CAM sensor on a Chevy Tracker?

Not starting when hot, or stalling ang bucking after driving or idleing in hot weather. pour cold water on sensor after no start condition to test it ( on back of head )

How do you remove the faulty tire pressure sensor light?

u take them out and replace with real ones!!

What does Ford Diesel Diagnostic Code PO470 mean?

A Ford diesel diagnostic code P0470 means there is an exhaust pressure sensor malfunction. This may be caused by faulty exhaust back pressure sensor, or pressure sensor is open or shorted.

How do you reset the low pressure sensor on my 2015 Ford Focus?

Adjust the tire pressure to specs then take it for a drive. It will reset itself if everything is okay. If you have a faulty sensor the light will remain on.

What causes a faulty pulse signal on a 89 ford probe?

Pulse signals from what? speed sensor abs wheel sensor fuel pump pressure sensor crankshaft sensor camshaft sensor knock sensor