Will a car run on transistor?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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cars actually have transistors and much more complex electrical components in the comuters so yes, cars actually alread run on transistors

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Q: Will a car run on transistor?
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Where is the transistor on a BMW e30?

I think you need to give more detail as a transistor is an electronic component found in all electronic circuits and there are around 2,000 in your car car stereo alone. It is short for transfer resistor. Hope this helps.

What is Si transistor?

A silicon transistor is a transistor made of silicon.

How can you find a transistor that will turn on and off the flow of 120 volt 60 amp alternating current 1000 times a second of faster to run a product you are trying to develop?

Research. Call transistor manufacturers.

Is active is a cutoff region of transistor?

The active region of a transistor is when the transistor has sufficient base current to turn the transistor on and for a larger current to flow from emitter to collector. This is the region where the transistor is on and fully operating.

What is the purpose of the Unijunction Transistor?

A Unijunction Transistor is a transistor that acts solely as a switch.

What are the Similar transistor for 221334 PNP transistor?

Similar to a 2N3906 PNP transistor

How does a transistor behaviour?

how does a transistor behaviour

What helps a car run?

gas or a battery charged car makes a car run.

Why does your RC car go backwards on its own?

Open up the case and replace the B772 transistor on the circuit board.

What is rt in electronics?

I believe that is resistor transistor technology TTL transistor transistor logic

Different between power transistor and transistor that used in small signal?

Power transistor can conduct large amount of currents through it, more than small signal transistor. power transistor has a vertical structure and small signal transistor has horizontal structure.In power transistor quasi saturation region is present which is absent in the small signal transistor. In power transistor there is a inculsion of drift layer which is not there in the small signal transistor. Power dissipation is less in power transistor and it is more in small signal transistor. b.v.polytechnic,vasai pushkar vaity.

Is it possible to run faster then a car?

no... it is not possible to run faster then a car because a car has more speed then a human can ever run!