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No, the car will not pass inspection because you can not see what is coming on the right hand side, both mirrors need to be there to see what is behind you. I hope this helped you.

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Q: Will a car pass inspection with the right side mirror missing?
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Will a car pass inspection in Louisiana if the outside mirrors are missing?

Will a car pass inspection if your right side mirror missing

Can your car pass inspection in Massachusetts with your passenger side mirror missing?


Can your car pass safety inspection in Missouri with the driver side mirror missing?

Nope, it's a safety hazard.

Do you have to have mirrors on a motorcycle?

In New York you have to have one rear-veiw mirror to pass inspection.

Do you have to have a passenger side mirror to pass nc inspection?

Yup! Just failed mine without one...

Does a car have to have sway bar to pass inspection?

No, but I for sure would not drive a car with the sway bar missing. That is a dangerous situation.

How big can a crack in a windshield be to pass inspection?

You can not have a crack in your windshield to pass inspection

Can your car pass inspection with your airbag light on in pa?

In pa it will pass an inspection

What are the steps to take to ensure passing a car safety inspection?

There are a number of different parts that need to be in the right condition to pass inspection. has an article dedicated to this task. Check out this link here:

Merchandise that does not pass factory inspection is considered what?

inspection merchandise

Will your car pass inspection in Texas if the ABS light is on?

Yes, your car should pass the inspection if everything else is working properly. The abs light is not a reason for rejection on why you shouldn't pass the inspection.

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Will my car pass inspection with the tire light on

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