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gravity pulls objects down and when a car is on the ground.but when it is on a ramp it moves and goes and goes and stops because gravity pulls is down to the ground and when it is on a flat area it moves a little but its like its on the ground cause of gravity.

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Q: Will a car go faster down a ramp or on a flat surface?
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Does the toy car go faster or slower down a ramp with wax paper?

The toy car will likely go faster down the ramp with wax paper due to reduced friction between the car and the surface of the ramp. The smooth surface of the wax paper allows the car to slide more easily, increasing its speed compared to a rougher surface.

How does ramps work?

a ramp is a flat surface which

A simple machine with a flat surface set at an angle to a horizontal surface?

A simple machine that consists of a flat surface set at an angle to a horizontal surface is known as a ramp. Ramps make it easier to move heavy objects on wheels up or down levels.

What surfaces would make a toy car go down a ramp faster?

A smoother surface, such as polished wood or plastic, will help reduce friction and allow the toy car to go down the ramp faster. Avoid surfaces with a lot of texture or resistance, like carpet or rough concrete, as they will slow down the car's movement.

Do dents in a can make the can go down a ramp faster?

no it does not

How does a ramp work?

to give you a better oppritunity to do aerial flips and variations while in air

How does weight effect speed down a ramp?

The weight of an object does not directly affect its speed down a ramp. Instead, speed is influenced by factors such as the angle of the ramp, the surface friction, and the initial force applied. However, a heavier object may have more momentum, which could affect how quickly it accelerates down the ramp.

How will the angle of a ramp affect the speed of a car going down it?

The larger the angle of the ramp, the faster the car will go down it.

Is velocity changing if a cart is going down a ramp?

Yes, the velocity of the cart is changing as it moves down the ramp because its speed and/or direction is changing due to the influence of gravity and any friction between the cart and the ramp surface.

Does a car go faster or slower down a ramp?

Generally, the car should go faster.

What is a simple machine made of a flat surface set at an angle to another surface it is sometimes called a ramp?

inclined plane

Does the speed of a ball rolling down a ramp change with the kind of surfacce on which the ball is rolling?

Yes, the speed of a ball rolling down a ramp can change with the type of surface it is rolling on due to factors such as friction. A smoother surface will likely have less friction, allowing the ball to roll faster, while a rough surface will create more friction, slowing the ball down.