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Q: Will a bad thermostat cause your car to over heat?
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Can a bad thermostat cause the heat to blow cold air?

Yes, and it can also make your car to over heat

What cause a water heater to over heat?

Bad thermostat not turning it off or measuring incorrect temp

Can a bad thermostat cause your home heat not to work?

Yes, it can.

What would cause a Vauxhall Frontera to over heat?

Overeheating is usually caused by a bad thermostat, blocked radiator or leaking headgasket.

Would a thermostat being bad cause overheating in a 1993 geo storm?

Yes a thermostat will cause any vehicle to over heat, just go to local parts dealer and get thermostat and replace it and if that does not work take to SAE trained professional techination.

What would cause a 1996 sable to over heat if the coolant level is full?

clogged radiator bad water pump bad thermostat fan not working loose belt

1992 Pontiac bonniville engine over heats and quits?

bad thermostat or bad heat gasket

Radiator keeps blowing water back over heats?

bad thermostat or bad heat gasket

If the thermostat is bad will it cause your heat not to work?

If it is stuck open, the answer is yes. When in doubt, just replace it.

What can cause your car to over heat?

Many things such as low coolant, broken belt, busted hose, no oil, bad radiator, fan not working or a faulty thermostat.

Why does your Chevy pickup over heat?

Low coolant, bad thermostat, clogged radiator, bad waterpump, bad headgasket, etc

Why would a car over heat?

I had a VW Jetta that had a problem with overheating. It ended up being the thermostat had gone bad so the fan never "kicked on." A car can over heat if there isnt enough antifreeze in the radiator or a bad thermostat or if your fan isnt working properly or is bad