Will a bad alternator effect spark at coil?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Only when you start the car

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Q: Will a bad alternator effect spark at coil?
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1991 Pontiac Sunbird 2.0 has no spark?

Bad Ignition (Spark Plug) Wires. Bad Coil(s). Bad ECM or ECU. Incorrect Spark Plugs. Ground Wire(s) missing or loose. Alternator fault. Bad Battery.

What is a coil and how does a bad one effect a vehicle?

A coil is what gives you spark it distributes the power to your spark plugs so it would run bad or not at all check for spark. The coil produces the power for the spark to ignite the fuel/ air mixture in the combustion chamber of the engine . The distributor systematically distributes or places that spark to the spark plugs in the firing order .

97 Geo Metro cranks but gets no spark?

A 97 Geo Metro that cranks but gets no spark is not getting enough power to the ignition coil or the coil itself is bad. The coil use the 12 volts of power provided by the battery and alternator to generate a very powerful spark.

Do bad spark plugs have to do with charging the alternator?

Spark Plugs do not affect your alternator. As long as your engine is running then it should be charging unless your alternator is bad

Could a bad coil keep the alternator from charging the battery?

Yes, because a bad coil will not allow the engine to run. But if the engine is running then the coil has nothing to do with the alternator charging the battery.

Why does your car have no spark?

Perhaps bad coil or coil pak?

Will a bad alternator cause new spark plugs to smoke?

Spark plugs don't smoke. A bad alternator would cause a dead battery.

What color is the spark if the ignition coil is good?

The spark is always blue. If your coil is bad your engine will misfire.

Why wont my distributor receive spark from the coil on my 1973 omega Oldsmobile?

Bad coil wire, bad coil, etc...

Engine no start no spark to plugs no distributor cap no rotor?

Bad coil? Bad coil wire?

What are symptoms of a bad ignition coil?

A bad ignition coil will cause your engine not to have any spark. Without any spark the engine cannot start or run.

What causes spark plugs to stop firing?

No spark from coil, bad plug wires, or bad plugs.