Will 390 heads fit on a 460?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Will 390 heads fit on a 460?
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Will Ford 460 heads fit on a Ford mel 430?

No, the MEL is more closely related to the 390 Fe family.

Will a c-6 ford transmission off a 460 ford motor fit on a 390 ford motor?

No it won't. The only transmission that will fit a 390 is one off of 360 or 352. The 390 is a FE block it has a round shaped housing. The 460 Bellhousing fits the 429 351M and 400. All the Ford FE engines: 332, 352, 360, 361, 390, 391, 406, 427, 428 and 534 V-8's will fit the 390

Will ford 460 cylinder heads fit on a ford 428 engine block?

No, the 428 is an FE series motor, the 460 is a 385 series. They are different engine families.

What are D0VE A heads?

you have 68cc bigblock heads , they will fit a 429CJ / And / 460 I also have a pair of those and a paire of D3VE-A2A off of a 1969 torino . I would hold on to them there the better of the heads.

Timing advance clockwise or counterclockwise Ford 460?

Gose counterclockwise on 302-360-390 and 460.

Will a 390 fit into a 1979 f150 4X4?

yea a 390 will fit i got a 390 in my 79 they run good as hell to

Will a Ford c6 transmission that bolted to a Ford 390 bolt to a Ford 460?


What is the diff between a 460 long block and a 460 short block?

460 long block comes with heads... short block does not

Can a 460 fit in a 1978 Ford Thunderbird?

The 1978 thunderbird had a 460 as one of its optional engines so yes it can fit

Which is better 390 V8 or 460 V8?

Depends on what you are using it for. I have three 460's and when coupled with a C6 trans, produce great tourque but get worse gas mileage. In a truck a 460 is the way to go. 78_ford_dude

Will headers from a 351 Cleveland fit a 390?


Will a transmission from a ford 390 fit a 352?

will a 352 fit in a ford ranger