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If the Vehicles and Rims are built before 1998, the answer would be Yes, as long as the Offset of the rim is close to the Manufactures Offset Specification.

If the Vehicles and Rims are Newer, Built after 1998, The answer would be No.

In 1998, Ford Manufacture started adopting a metric measurement for their bolt patterns. The other Domestic Car Manufacturers followed their lead there after.

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Q: Will 17 inch dodge 8 bolt rims fit on 8 bolt 16 inch GMC?
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Can you install Chevy 16 inch rims on a gmc with 16.5 inch tires where both 8 bolt rims?

yes you can I have to do the same thing the guy at truck smith gave me that idea and he knows his trucks

Can 22 inch rims fit on gmc jimmy?


Will the Chevy Camaro rims fit 1995 gmc 1500?

No, Car and truck rims have a different bolt patteren.

Will ford 16 inch rims fit on gmc?

no different lug pattern

Do Dodge Ram rims fit GMC Sierras?

The year and series would help.

Will 1999 to 2004 GMC stock alloy rims fit a 2000 GMC savana van?

yes should be the same bolt pattern

Can a 26 inch rim fit on a gmc envoy?

The GMC Envoy was produced from the years 1998 to 2009 in Moraine, Ohio and in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is stated that the 26 inch rims will fit on a GMC Envoy.

Would 20 inch rims from 85 gmc five lug fit a 04 dodge neon?

no way they dont fit at all, GMC has a PCD of 5x127 mm and the Neon has one of 5x100, GMC has an offset of 8 and the Neon of 40 and the GMC has a hub diametre of 78,1 mm, the Neon somewhat around 57,1 mm. Even the size does not fit, the biggest wheel for the Neon is a 18 inch.

Would 15 inch custom rims that came often a dodge fit on a GMC?

If the rims are a unilug specified type (4 1/2" - 5")yes. But stock rims on the older Dodges were 4 1/2" up to the 1984 year, then in 1985 went to the 5 1/4" bolt pattern, such as the Ford 1/2 ton pattern there on. The Chevy bolt pattern rings at 5" even. So, it just depends on the type of wheels you have, the lugnuts, and washers that the rims need to be placed on the vehicle in question. Look around the net and locate wheel adapters. They'll allow you to put one brand's wheels onto your GMC without the need to locate unilug rims, and also if you are storing your summer wheels, just remove the wheel adapters and put on your factory rims for the winter. Sounds sweet, eh? Hope this helps.

Can you put 20 inch rims on a 98 GMC Sonoma without having to modify bumpers etc?

Yes u can i have 20 inch rims on mine i just had 2 put .25 inch spacers all the way around but mine is lowered 2 inch in the front and 3 inch in the back

Will 20 inch rims fit a 2007 GMC 1500 sierra crew cab?

Yes u can go bigger if u want

Will rims off a 1999 GMC sierria fit a 2003 Chevrolet trailblazer?

No - The Trailblazer Envoy Bravada GMT360 platform has a 6x5 bolt pattern.