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If you are smelling the sweet but unpleasant aroma of antifreeze, your vehicle is leaking it somewhere. A lot of the time the culprit is the water pump. They have a weep hole and when the bearing starts to fail it will begging leaking from this hole.

I would start by getting myself a flashlight and start scanning your engine's water hoses for a leak. Check the mail hoses going to/from the radiator as well as the heater hoses leading to the firewall. Do you smell the antifreeze odor INSIDE the car? If so, it could be your heater core that's failing.

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Q: Why you smell radiator fluid?
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heater core is going bad.

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Is the colour of the fluid green? or red, or does it smell? that's a definite sign that radiator coolant is finding its way onto your floor from the radiator, and if you let it continue and don't top up the radiator fluid inside the engine bay, your engine will overheat and die. Sounds to me like a heater radiator leak, don't drive the car until you are regularly checking the level of the fluid in the radiator and get it to a mechanic to swap that radiator out for a new one. and in addition get the mechanic to flush out the radiator fluid for new stuff.

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Where is the radiator to put fluid for 2001 jetta?

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How can you tell if the heater core in your car is leaking?

foggy windows on passenger side.... smell of antifreeze in car... lost of radiator fluid.. lose of power..

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