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Faulty pump, return it for another.

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Q: Why would water be leaking out weap hole the pump is new?
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Why 305 water pump leaking through bore?

By bore do you mean weep hole? If so, the seal is leaking. Replace the pump.

Why is there water leaking out of the bottom of my 93 madza 626 water pump when I just add water with out the engine running?

the hole it is leaking from is their as a warning your water pump is going out . if you don't change it soon it will be a big leak

Why you smell radiator fluid?

If you are smelling the sweet but unpleasant aroma of antifreeze, your vehicle is leaking it somewhere. A lot of the time the culprit is the water pump. They have a weep hole and when the bearing starts to fail it will begging leaking from this hole. I would start by getting myself a flashlight and start scanning your engine's water hoses for a leak. Check the mail hoses going to/from the radiator as well as the heater hoses leading to the firewall. Do you smell the antifreeze odor INSIDE the car? If so, it could be your heater core that's failing.

How can you tell if the water pump needs to be replaced or if its the themostat on your jag s-type?

It is rare for a water pump to stop pumping, even if they are leaking, they are still pumping as long as the belt is there and tight. I would change the thermostst first. There are a few water pumps out there that have a plastic impeller and I have seen them break apart but that is rare.

How do you check to see if water pump leaks?

Most water pumps have a small vent hole on the bottom side of the pump. Inspect with a flashlight and check for staining (rust or color changes left behind after water runs away from the vent) related directly with that vent hole. Also check for play (side to side) in the input shaft (belt pulley or fan pulley Either of these conditions is an indication of a failed or failing water pump.

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Weep hole on water pump leaking?

Replace water pump.

How do you troubleshoot a water pump on a 2000 Malibu?

if the water pump is noisy or it is leaking coolant out the relief hole on bottom of pump.

How do you determine if a water pump is bad?

The most obvious would be coolant leaking from the weep hole. A noisy and or loose water pump bearing would also be a good reason to replace the pump.

Why 305 water pump leaking through bore?

By bore do you mean weep hole? If so, the seal is leaking. Replace the pump.

How do you know if the water pump is OK on a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

if it is not making any noise,or leaking from bottom of pump. Releif hole is on bottom of pump,if leaking replace pump.

What are symptoms of leaking water pump 1987 Nissan 300zx?

Shold be a weep hole underneath stem of water pump. If it's leaking water it needs to be replaced. You will be able to tell.

How do you know when the water pump is bad?

Noisy, leaking from the weep hole on the bottom of the pump, or engine overheating.

Whats wrong with my 2000 chrysler Concorde if its Leaking coolant at drain hole under coolant hose flange?

If it is leaking next to where the lower radiator hose attaches to the engine, the water pump has failed. That hole is the water pump weep hole.

Why would Ford Escort be losing water?

More than likely there is a hose with a hole in it. Also, if the water pump is bad it could be leaking.

How do you know your water pump is going out?

The bearings can get noisy and you may see the water pump pulley and fan wobble when the engine is running and of course the obvious would be coolant leaking out the weep hole in the water pump.

How do you know your water pump is leaking?

There is a weep hole at the bottom just under the pulley where there will be a stain of coolant if it is leaking. Or unhook the belt and check the play of the shaft of the water pump.

What is happening when coolant runs out of a small hole in the bottom of your firebird engine?

It could be a bad water pump if it's leaking out the weep hole at the bottom of the water pump.

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