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There are two or more faults at work here depending on the car.

If your car has a relay that runs brake lights or Tail lights one or both could be bad.


If your car has these items controlled by a body control module it could be bad or with this system the computer grounds the bulbs to make them work and damage to the wires anywhere in the car can cause this.


You have a brake light switch that keeps the brake lights on all the time AND a bad ground in the system so the Brake lights ground through the tail lights. This kind of thing is more common on per 2000 model year vehicles.

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Q: Why would rear parking and brake lights stay on when the car is shut off?
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Do the brake lights turn on with a hand brake?

No , the rear brake lights do not turn on when you use your parking brake , just the brake light on your dash is supposed to come on

2001 Toyota Avalon Wiring Diagram Need the diagram for the rear parking lights and brake lights.?

what color is the negative parking wire and where is located

Need the fuse location for rear lights for 95 ford ranger brake lights work but rear light do not?

the #3 slot is for the parking lights #11 is for the warning lights #21 is for hazzard lights and #26 is the back up lights the #3 slot is for the parking lights #11 is for the warning lights #21 is for hazzard lights and #26 is the back up lights

What fuse do you change on a 2008 Hyundai elantra if the rear brake lights and third rear brake lights do not work?

it would be the brake light switch about 20 dollars at autozone

Rear brake adjustment 97 civic?

on the idepaent rear suspection for the parking brake

What would cause no brake lights in rear when the running lights are on the vechile is Nissan sentra?

brake light switch would be most common cause

Why would the rear lights or brake lights not work?

Check your fuses. Sometimes it is just that simple.

What would cause rear parking lights fog lights and instrument lights to not work?

Blown fuse? Damaged buss board?

Can you connect the parking brake cable to the brake pedal on a 98 ford f150?

And why in the world would you want to do that, as the rear brakes which are operated by the parking brake are already activated by the brake pedal. Do not even think of doing this.

How can you fix parking brake on a 2000 ford f 350 to hold?

Rear disc ? if it is rear disc brakes there is a drum brake in side of the rear rotor that is your parking brake and has an adjuster in it if you pull the rotor off.

What is the operation of an integral drum brake parking brake?

Typically integral parking brakes are on rear disc braking systems. By activating the parking brake it adjusts the discs on the rear brakes. While the front discs are self adjusting, on the integral systems the rear discs are not self adjusting, thus the need for the integral parking brake system.

How do you fix rear parking lights on a 1997 jeep wrangler when all other lights work fine?

Under the brake paddle there is a switch. You pull the switch out and replace it with another one.