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Bad needle/seat valve on carb.?

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Q: Why would gas pour from the overflow on the carburetor on Yamaha riva razz sh50?
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Ford focus where do i add antifreeze to 2005?

pour it into the overflow tank

What would cause water poured into the radiator to pour from the intake hose?

too much water added the overflow is designed to let out water.onece the radiator reaches the required pressure,the excess water is exhausted thru the overflow

Will water pour out of the glass when the ice melts into a full glass of water?

If he glass was full and you put ice cubes in it would overflow strait away.

What else would you replace on a 1988 Chevy Corsica if the car wont start unless you pour gas directly into the carburetor?

fuel pump is the first place i would look

Why does petrol pour out the plug hole on my lawn mower?

Carburetor float is stuck open.

How do you get an aquarium overflow started?

I'm assuming you mean an overflow filtration system? If so, then just take a cup and pour water into the filter housing until it starts to overflow. It might take a couple of cup fulls before it starts working.

What if you pour coolant into the overflow and the coolant instantly pours on to the ground what could be wrong?

A leak. You need to see where it is coming from.

If you pour a 2 liter bottle of water into a half gallon carton what will happen?

the water will over fill

Why does fuel pour into air filter housing on 1984 Honda Prelude dual carbuerator when started?

yep, it's the needle and seat. It's the part inside the carburetor that shuts off fuel flow when the carburetor bowl is full. The needle and seat makes up the shutoff valve that closes the fuel supply when the float rises in the fuel bowl. If it doesn't shut off, fuel floods out into the overflow which typically dumps into the air filter.

How do you fill a 1992 Saab radiator?

Through the overflow tank. Open the bleeder valve on the thermostat housing, turn heat to high, and pour coolant in the overflow tank until it comes out the bleeder valve.

Why would a 2000 Sunfire pour antifreeze out from under the over flow?

Hello, I have a 97 Sunfire GT and had the same problem. The cap on the overflow bottle is pressurized and mine lost it's pressure. Once I replaced that I didn't have the problem anymore. ! You could also have a hole or crack in the overflow container

How do you drain old gas in a motorcycle?

to drain gasoline from a dirtbike, you can simply lay it on its side and the gasoline should pour out from the bottom