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Sensor failure is often heat related , when crank sensors first start to go out they often have an intermittent failure when the engine is at full operating temperature. You are cooling the sensor with water.

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Q: Why would crank sensor work after pouring water on it?
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Will a crank sensor make a car miss?

A faulty crank sensor would make the engine not run.

What is the name of the sensor located by or behind the harmonic balancer?

crank shaft sensor With the limited information you have provided, I would have to say, that you have found the "Crank" sensor.

If the crank position sensor 1998 Dodge Dakota magnun v6 is not work what would happen?

If the crank sensor is not working, the engine will not run.

Why would there be no spark or no fuel getting to engine on 1997 Chrysler sebring?

Possibly the crank sensor or the coil pack is dead. But with a dead crank sensor you also get no spark, no crank. No crank equals no fuel delivery.

Would a crank shaft sensor and cam sensor cause your 2002 dodge grand caravan to not turn over and or start at all?

A bad cam or crank sensor can cause a no start, but the engine will still crank or turn over.

Why would a 2000 Plymouth breeze crank and not turn over?

Have you checked for fuel and spark? Camshaft sensor and or crank sensor will cause that problem as well!

What is 'pouring water' in French?

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How do you test a 1995 cavalier crank sensor?

To test a 1995 Cavalier crank sensor you would need to get a mechanic's computer. They can put a sensor/fuse tester on it and see if it is working properly.

Would the crank sensor cause a no start on a 95 cavalier?


What would a vechile act like if the crank sensor is no good?

The crank sensor is a crucial ignition component, and the absence of Top Dead Center transition signal to the computer from this sensor normally results in no spark to the plugs.

Why won't the truck turn over after replacing with a new crank sensor?

your crank sensor has absolutly nothing to do with the ability of the engine turning over. I would look at the wiring to the starter.

Would crank sensor cause car to stall when it warms up?