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Oil pressure is very important in vehicles. If your sensor is bad or reacting to an engine problem, it is best to take it to a professional to get it checked. without proper oil pressure you could seize up your engine.Will a code P1189 cause my alero to crank over without starting

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2010-10-18 15:54:44
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Q: Why would an oil pressure sensor keep the car from starting?
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Can the boost sensor keep a car from starting?

I have seen a faulty boost sensor keep the turbo from "kicking in" but it didn't stop the engine from starting.

Why does your oil light keep coming on your 2002 pt cruiser?

Oil pressure is low, oil pressure sensor has failedOil pressure is low, oil pressure sensor has failed

Is there a sensor on a ford 300 6 cylinder engine to prevent it from starting if the oil is low?

No there is not a sensor to keep it from starting if the oil is low

Will a crank sensor keep the car from starting?

Yes it could

Can a crankshaft position sensor keep a car from starting?


86 firebird 2.8 would a map sensor keep a engine from running?

yes the map sensor will keep the car from stands for manifold air pressure and if the ecu cant get a reading it will not start and run.

Will low oil pressure on an 89 Chevy Celebrity prevent it from starting?

No I would not expect low oil pressure to keep the engine from starting. Depending on how low the pressure is it might not be a good idea to run the engine much until the low oil pressure problem is corrected. Since there is no gauge built in on that year Celebrity I assume that the oil pressure light is on. Low oil pressure can be caused by a number of problems including failing oil pump, clogged oil filter, low on oil or loose bearings as well as a failing oil pressure sensor. When the pressure sensor fails it tends to show low oil pressure and if that is the cause then replacing the sensor can fix the problem. If it were my car I would first hook up an oil pressure gauge and find out what the pressure is before I attempted to fix the problem. Pressure should be at least 30 psi.

Can a throttle position sensor keep the engine from starting?

A throttle position sensor might keep the engine from starting. Any number of things can cause a vehicle not to start. The starter and the gas line sensors are also a possible culprit.

Will the coolant temp sensor keep a 1989 k1500 from starting?

From a cold start, yes it can.

Will camshaft sensor keep 1996 Chevy truck from starting?

It sure will if it's bad.

Will oxygen sensor keep 1996 blazer from starting?

Nope. The computer doesn't even look at the oxygen sensor until the oxygen sensor reaches operating temperature.

Will the camshaft position sensor keep the car from starting?

It could, depending on make, model and year.

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