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If the speedometer and odometer doesn't work I would suspect the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) is faulty.If the speedometer doesn't work but the odometer does, I would suspect the gauge cluster is at fault.

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The cable be broken

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Q: Why would a 2005 Honda Element speedometer not work?
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What is the bolt pattern for 2005 Honda Element wheels?

114.3mm ??

Were to find a 2005 Honda element manual?

in the glovebox silly

What is the spark plug gap on a 2005 Honda element?

A 2005 Honda Element should have a spark plug gap that is set at .044 inches. Almost all Honda engines are set with the same spark plug gap.

Where is the thermostat located on a 2005 Honda Element?

The thermostat on a 2005 Honda Element is located near the radiator where the hose meets the engine block. The cap and thermostat is all one piece.

Dash lights on 2005 Honda Element does not work?

bad cluster

Does a 2005 Honda Element have a timing chain or belt?

I have a 2003 Element and just found out recently from a Honda shop that It has a timing chain that does not need changing.

Diagram 2005 Honda Element glove box stops?

Where can you buy a 2005 Honda Element?

There are quite a few places where one can purchase a 2005 Honda Element though these places usually depend on the area. However, one may find one through AutoTrader or eBay.

How do you reset 2005 Honda Element check engine light?

One way to reset a 2005 Honda Element check engine light is to disconnect the battery. The battery will need to be disconnected for about 5 minutes for the light to reset.

Where is OBD on a 2005 Honda Element?

It hangs down under the steering wheel or nearby.

would a 2004, 2005, Honda CRV rear end differential fit Honda 2007 CRV?

would a 2004, 2005, Honda crv rear end differential fit Honda 2007 crv.

Where is the Jack in a 2005 Honda Element?

Under the floor in the back. There is a handle....lift the floor and there is a jack and the spare

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