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It could be many things...

If the check engine light is on/comes on, having it scanned is the easiest way to find out, and if no codes you can view fuel/trim, etc. but....

It is usually a problem with the Air/fuel ratio

If no codes are present,

and you have done one recently, I would start with a tune-up

- bad ignition plugs/wires etc can cause this

- Check the fuel pressure, Fuel pump wiring/relay can get corrode(specially here in the northeast).

- When was the fuel filter last changed, a clogged fuel filter can starve the engine of fuel under WOT.

-A faulty EGR valve (stuck open)can cause hesitation/stumbling

- It could be a MAF( mass air sensor) or TPS(throttle position sensor)

- I've had a clogged catalytic converter cause this issue

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Dirty fuel filter. Damaged catalytic converter.

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Q: Why would a 1994 F150 bog out when accelerating?
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