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try checking your battery usually it is the lack of cold cranking amps

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Q: Why wont my car start in the cold but it will in the heat?
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How cold does it have to be before your car wont start?

around 30 or 40

Why wont my car start when it is cold?

Saturns don't like the cold. Keep your battery in good condition and try to garage it.

Why wont car start unless heat is on 1970 impala 5.7?

Must be an electrical short.

What wont 2002 Nissan sentra start in cold weather?

You need to warm the car up with hot water.

Will car start with broken serpentine belt?

Yes, it will start . But it wont run for long. Battery will die, radiator may over heat, exc.

What will happen if you run only antifreeze in your car?

it is concentrated to be mixed w/ water. the vehicle wont over heat or freeze unless its EXTREMELY hot or cold.

What if your 1985 Mercedes 190e starts lovely when cold but if it has run and try to restart no chance til engine cold again?

Does the engine turn over but not start or it does not turn over till cold? If the latter is the answer then your kick start is the problem. REPLY The car turns over but wont start.

My car was stolen now it wont start?

How do you know that it is your car?

98 Nissan Micra won't start when cold on a slope?

If the choke not work properly then your car wont start in cold weather or morning times. The other reason might be the fuel section is dirty and need some service.

Why would a car start in the afternoon but not in the morning?

A car may start better in the afternoon, because the heat of the sun has warmed up the engine. Once a car has sat over night, it may be difficult to start in the morning because the engine is cold.

Does a flooded car work?

It wont start

On a 1995 buick lesbre why does the car not crank unless the heat from the sun hits the hood?

check the battery. mine wont start if its 0 or colder.