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Either the tire is too big for the car or you could try jacking on something other than the cars body.

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Q: Why won't the tire come off the ground when jacking up the car?
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How do you remove tire from 2005 ford escape you took off the lugs but the tire wont come off?

You have to safely jack the vehicle, so the tire is off the ground. Or hit the tire with a large hammer once it is off the ground.

How to change rear tire of Mazda 3?

how to remove a tire on 04 mazda3 bolts are off and tire wont come off

What does it mean when changing a tire and it wont come off?

The lug nuts are too tight.

Atv tire wont come off wheel?

You need to deflate your ATV tire before you attempt to take it off. Then you need to break the air seal. They should come off after doing these steps.

What if your spare tire wont come off your 2003 GM truck cable comes down but tire remains elevated?

Pry on it. It's just stuck to the bottom of the truck.

Why wont the tire come off a kia sportage?

im having the same problem stranded in wisconsin in the middle of winter and cant change my flat because it wont come off and the jake is to flimsy so cant beat it.... was told that dust and dirt could be causing it to stick so tap it on the outsides around the tire then do the same from behined the tire. hope that helps

Tire gage light wont come off on 2007 Cadillac Escalade?

there is a sensor on the factory valve stems that need to be put on or adjusted

How do you replace the rotors on a Cutlass Ciera S?

remove the tire and brakes then pull them off if they wont come off use a hammer or mallet and that should free them up

My tire wont come off my Hyundai santa fe after bolts are off?

With car on ground and all wheel nuts tight. Loosen all wheel nuts 3 complete turns. Drive car forward and back about 10 feet. Jack up and remove wheel nuts and wheel.

How do you break the rear tire free from the lugs on a 2002 4runner to changte it?

First keep the car on the ground and in park so it wont move. Then get the tire wrench and turn the lugs counter clock wise to remove. Is it to tight to turn? Then you have to do what a ol auto shop teacher taught me. Go get a bigger wrench. Still tough? Then go get a leverage pipe or a bigger wrench. Or both. THey will come off.

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