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High tensile is use to vehicle chassis in order to prevent the chassis for bending during heavy loads and for collision purposes.And also high tensile is more light,comfortable, and has a strong strength compare to low tensile and mild steel.

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Q: Why use high tensile steel in vehicle chassis?
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What is high tensile?

High tensile steel is strong steel. It is 10 times stronger than wood and more than twice the tensile strength of mild steel. High tensile steel is commonly used in highway guardrails.

Is Aluminuim in High Tensile Steel?


Why use high tensile steel?

High tensile steel put simply is used where structures require high tensile strength. Tensile stress is where the forces on a material are "pulling" from each end away from the centre. Steel can be alloyed with certain materials such as aluminum to create a material that is stronger under tensile loading. An example of where high tensile steel is required is the cables of the ANZAC bridge that support its deck. Hope this helps..

When did Hyundai start to use high tensile steel in there elantra models?

Hyundai have always used high tensile steel in certain components of all their vehicles.

Where does the high tensile steels are used in the ship?

High Tensile Steel (HTS) is generally used for prestressing tendons.

What is theGrades of steel high tensile steel?

the grades of steel are S275,S355and S460

What is the grade of high tensile steel?


What metal alloy has over 300 ksi tensile strength?

high tensile stainless steel

Can you combine mild steel and high tensile steel as a structural component?

mild and high tensile steel can not be combined,because of there different chemical and physical properties as structural component, p k sharma

Grade of high tensile steel?

Grades of high tensile steel are based on their tensile strength and heat resistance. The best of these are used in axles and other high stress constructions that are required to operation safely.

What is KSF60 steel?

KSF60 is carbon. low alloy , high tensile forged steel.

How do you make high tensile steel?

increase carbon and manganese