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antifreeze keeps your car from overheating, it flows thru your radiator hose, without it your motor would blow

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Q: Why so people put antifreeze in car radiators?
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What fluid do you put into car engine radiators?

antifreeze antifreeze a fifty fifty micture of water and antifrez is best

Why is antifreeze put into car radiators?

So that the water used as coolant in most car radiators does not freeze overnight. If it does then, because ice expands as it freezes and melts, it can crack the engine block. The antifreeze lowers the freezing point of the coolant and reduces the risk. The more antifreeze, the less risk of freezing. But too much and it will boil when the car is running. Additives in antifreeze also reduces corrosion and raises the boiling point.

When do you put antifreeze in your car?

All the time

When you change the water pump on your car do you need to put antifreeze in before you start the car?

some people have said you should and others have said you dont have to. I myself have never put antifreeze in the during installation in all the years i have worked on cars

Where is the antifreeze located on your car?

the antifreeze runs through all your water lines in your car . . . . you put it in your water tank or radiator

What fluid do you put into car engine radiators along with anti freeze?

You mix it with water.

Why do people put antifreeze into a car radiator for the winter?

So that the coolant can stay in liquid form and flow through the cooling system.

Where should you put antifreeze in a car?

In the coolant reservoir when the engine is cool.

What happens if you put the wrong colour antifreeze in your car?

Nothing Nothing

Would my car run again if antifreeze was accidentally put into oil passage?


Can you put window washer fluid in your antifreeze tank?

Not if you want to keep driving the car!

Can you put radiators up stairs in an attic in a bungalow?

If that space has heat loss (and it most definitely has) then sure - it is possible to put radiators there.