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so if on an angle it won't roll away with your car

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Q: Why should you use chocks when parking a trailer without spring brakes?
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Why use chocks when parking trailers without spring brake?

to keep it from moving and causing an accident

What is the point of wheel chocks?

Wheel chocks are an important safety measure to keep the car from rolling while you are working on it, should the parking brake fail or not be set. In addition, many cars only have parking brakes on the rear wheels, and it can be necessary to chock the front wheels in order to jack up the rear of the car.

What are four points that have to be done when parking a vehicle for repair?

handbrake/put it in drive (depending on the job), wheel chocks , axel stands < dont work without these

Are wheel chocks useful during the winter?

Wheel chocks are great for helping you drive in the snow. They work by providing extra gripping action that you would not normally have without them. They are actually serrated to gip the snow as your tire digs into it.

Air force driving regulations in aircrat parking area?

15 mph on the flightline. Slower if you are close to the aircraft. You need preplaced chocks if you are moving up to an aircraft for loading or unloading.

What are wheel chocks typically made of?

Wheel chocks are usually made of rubber and a sturdy form of plastic. Wheel chocks are used in airports to prevent the unintended movement of a parked airplane.

Are motorcycle wheel chocks needed?

Wheel chocks are necessary for hauling your motorcycle. Various types/brands are a pain to handle yet others are not. Check with the manufacturer of your motorcycle for their opinion and specifications on wheel chocks.

How do you couple a tractor to a trailer?

First, you ensure that the kingpin latch is in the unlocked position. Then, you back under the trailer, ensuring that the kingpin is lined up to lock into the fifth wheel. Once you feel that it's locked into place, you pull forward - if you have the trailer properly hooked up, then you won't move forward. You put the truck back in neutral, then you get out and hook up your air lines and pigtail, and remove wheel chocks from the trailer if they're present.

wheel chocks for motorcycles.?

Yes, you can find chocks for motorcycles. has one for $170 plus shipping. The one you need will depend on the tire size.

When a boy chocks you what does it mean?

It means you get the heck away from him

Where can you buy wheel chocks?

Wheel chocks can be purchased at Sears, Auto Zone, and Advanced Auto. Online one can purchase them at Amazon, Northern Tool as well as Discount Ramps.

What is required during operation near aircraft?

Spotter and Chocks