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Common sense, You can't see as much and you shouldn't over drive your headlights.. You have to allow for braking time if something is in the road because you won't see it until the last second.

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Q: Why should you slow down when driving at night with low beams?
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When driving at night and you spot animal what should you do?

Turn down your high beams and slow way down.

Why should a driver slow down when driving at night with their beams headlights on?

Your speed at night needs to be adjusted so that you can stop within the distance that your headlamps illuminate the road ahead.

If you are using your high beams at night and another car approaches what should you do?

You need to turn your high beams down and ,after the car passes, you may turn them back to high beams

When driving at night it is recommended that you do all of the following except A keep within posted speeds B keep your high beams on C keep windshield wipers off unless needed?

You should NOT keep your high beams on all the time at night. Use them only when needed. Turn them down when there is oncoming traffic; don't blind other drivers, even if separated by a median.

Should you use your high beam lights when driving in the fog? lights up the fog making vision worse. Fog normally is least dense at the bottom and rarely reaches all the way to the ground. Thats why fog lights are way down low and why low beams are better than high beams when driving in fog.

When driving through fog it is best to use your low beams true or false?

Low beams. Better yet, if you have them, use fog lamps that are mounted low on the vehicle and are aimed mostly down at the road.

If a car with bright light comes toward you at night you should?

First flash from low to high beams and back. This is a polite reminder to the other driver that he has his high beams on and that he is blinding you. If that doesn't work, and he leaves his high beams on, check traffic out in front of you, in your lane, as far as you can see. If you lane is clear look down and to the right side of the lane you are in until he passes you. This allows you to stay in your lane and not weave.

What should a driver do at night if an oncoming car has its high beams shining into your eyes?

If an oncoming car has its high beams on, you should avoid looking directly at the lights and instead focus on the right side of the road. This will help you maintain your visibility and minimize the glare. Additionally, you can slow down slightly, but be careful not to suddenly brake or swerve as it can be dangerous.

Should you ban drinking and driving?

Answershould you ban drinking and drivingNo, you should the drink down before driving.

When driving behind a car at night what distance should you turn down your high beam lights?

when you see there tail lights. White lights travel farther then red lights.

Is driving with the windows down on a cold night a sign of an impaired driver?

ANSWERThat absolutely may be the case.

What should you do when driving down a steep hill?

gear down and use the motor to assist in braking