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You can also relate this to the car crank shaft speed , and it is measured in Revolutions Per minute =RPM's. faster your crank shaft rotates (RPM's), the faster your pistons travel up and down the cylinders, thus the faster your car will go. Hope this was what you were looking for...

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Q: Why shaft speed calculate in RPM?
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How do you calculate shaft power?

Shaft power P = (2(pi) * (angular Speed in rpm) * (Torque at shaft)/ 60 Torque of a solid shaft is given by (pi/16)* (Shear stress of material of shaft) * (Dia of shâft3).

Why you need to find out critical speed of a shaft?

To calculate the stresses to the shaft.

What is the formula to calculate speed from RPM of an engine?

== distance x time== speed ==

What speed must be maintained on the hyraulic pump shaft during synchronization?

780 rpm

What is the shaft speed of a 17 inch pulley driven by an 8 inch pulley at 1750 RPM?

1750 x 8/17 = 823.5 rpm

What is Tacho generator?

Taco generator is the one which is attached to the shaft of big rotating machine to find out its speed. It converts the the rpm in to voltage i.e. the voltage generated in the small generator is directly proportional to the speed of the shaft to which it is attached meter attached to this generator is graduated in rpm instead of volts .

What is diagnostic code 07020 in a jeep grand Cherokee?

P0720 - Low Output SPD Sensor RPM Above 15 MPHThe relationship between the Output Shaft Speed Sensor and vehicle speed is not within acceptable limits. P0720 - Low Output SPD Sensor RPM Above 15 MPHOutput shaft speed is less than 60 rpm with vehicle speed above 15 mph (4-speed auto. trans. only).

What is relation between speed of generator and its voltage and torque on generator shaft and current produced by generator?

power = torque * rpm

How do you calculate the RPM of a 3 phase motor?

By using a simple formulae: f=np/60 where f= frequency, n is the number of pair of poles and 60 is in seconds that motor is turning. So a 4 pole motor with a frequency of 50 hertz will run at 1500 rpm. By manupilating the formulae: n= 50 multiplied by 60 devided by 2 therefore n= 1500rpm. The formula 120xFrequency/poles gives synchronous speed not actual shaft RPM. Induction motors must run at a certain % slip to obtain torque, so a 4 pole motor running at 50hz would be 120x50/4 = 1500 rpm, at 4% slip (operating speed) actual shaft RPM or rated speed would be 1440 RPM.

How do you calculate distance and revolutions?

You must buy a bicycle computer and attach it to your bike. They can calculate various things- speed, distance, RPM, time, tempertature, altitude, speed increase or decrease

Can you increase rpm and torque of a shaft?


How do you calculate the speed of roller in meter per minute if roller dia in mm gear ratio and rpm are known?

u do distance/ time= speed

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