Why must jack stands be used?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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To safely support a vehicle off the ground while working underneath the vehicle.

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Q: Why must jack stands be used?
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Do Hydraulic jacks should always be used with jack stands?

There is a possibility (a danger) that a hydraulic Jack can suddenly slip, or develop a leak and collapse. Once the jack has raised the vehicle, it is put on to jack stands (axle stands) to prevent being trapped underneath the vehicle.

What do you need to change oil?

Drain pan, socket to fit the drain plug, new filter, correct weight oil, rags. You may need a floor jack and jack stands to change the oil in a car you must jack up to get under.

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Purchase Car Jack Stands?

form_title=Purchase Car Jack Stands form_header=Use car jack stands to hold the car in position while you perform repairs or basic maintenance . Will you be using it occasionally or quite often?= () Yes () No What type of vehicle will you need the jack stand for?=_ Do you know how to safely use a car jack stand?= () Yes () No

Removing the rear coil springs on a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Jack the car up in the back. You will need a trolley jack for this job. Use jack stands under the body of the car, you can use 6x6 wood blocks also, use jack stands under the diff. Now, car body is on blocks, and diff in on jack stands, remove the lower bolt for the shocks, with the trolley jack remove the jack stands on the diff, and lower the diff. just enough so that you can pull the coil springs out.

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The owner's manual will show you the points to place the jack. I suggest a floor jack and jack stands if you will be climbing under the car.

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